Kentico Dutch Localization Pack on GitHub

Most of our clients are native Dutch speakers so we want to provide them with a proper Dutch user-interface in the Kentico adminstration site.

Unfortunately the Dutch Localization Pack available on the Kentico site is not up to date at the time of writing. This results in a quirky mix of Dutch and English in the Kentico UI.
We have already done translations for some sections in recent projects but we really want to consolidate those efforts.

Calling upon the Kentico community

Instead of keeping this to ourselves we believe inmaking the Kentico community stronger by sharing.

So, we’re now calling upon the Dutch-speaking Kentico community to collaborate with us. If we all do a bit of the work we can make a big improvement and make our Kentico customers even happier.

Contribute on GitHub

We’re looking forward to your pull-requests on Github : TrueLimeNL/Kentico.LanguagePack.NL

Auteur: Marnix van Valen

Lead developer en architect